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James Burrows

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James has been composing professionally in a variety of styles for a range of mediums since 2005 and continues to be actively writing for numerous projects. James is a regular composer for the Antic Disposition theatre company, having scored and produced for full productions of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, ‘The Tempest’ and several others. The musically diverse shows have all toured internationally and the soundtracks are available on audio CD.
Other projects include short films (“Now Retired”; Beneath the Earth film festival award winner), Splintered Soul (progressive symphonic rock) and promotional material for education (Suffolk New College).
James’ orchestral composition in conjunction with his passion for ethnic percussion ensembles and his understanding of popular music make for a huge variety of comprehensive creativity.
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Album: Hang Moods
Genre: New age, Soundtrack, World Music
Mood: afraid, anxious, atmospheric, catastrophe, cinematic, creeping, dangerous, dark, desert, desperate, destruction, distressed, eerie, enchanting, escape, exotic, fear, foreign, forest, haunting, hot, intense, jungle, lurking, magical, majestic, menacing, night, perilous, power, pulsating, relentless, serious, sinister, spooky, tense, terrifying, thrilling, tribal
Instrumental: Yes
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James Burrows, Sally Third
Genre: Classical, Classical Crossover, Modern Composition, Neo Classical, Relaxation
Mood: broken hearted, desolate, despairing, forlorn, grief, introspective, Lonely, longing, loss, melancholic, moody, moving, reflective, regretful, sad, solemn, sombre, sorrowful, tragic, yearning
Instrumental: Yes
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Album: Safari
Genre: New age, Oriental, Soundtrack, Travel, World Music
Mood: afraid, catastrophe, cinematic, dangerous, dark, despairing, destruction, determined, dirty, dramatic, dread, dynamic, dystopia, edgy, escape, ethereal, exotic, exploration, explosive, falling, forest, futuristic, hard, haunting, heavy, intense, jungle, lumbering, lurking, menacing, moonlight, nervous, night, ominous, perilous, pulsating, pure, rain forest, running, shaking, sinister, spooky, stealth, terrifying, thrilling, tough, tribal, unsettling, villainous
Instrumental: Yes
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Album: Hang Moods
Genre: New age, Soundtrack, World Music
Mood: atmospheric, calm, catastrophe, cautious, cinematic, cold, compassionate, daydreaming, defeated, devastated, drifting, elegant, empathetic, enchanted, ethereal, exotic, floating, forest, inspiring, introspective, loss, magical, majestic, moonlight, mysterious, nervous, night, peaceful, rain forest, reflective, serene, shimmering, sparse, stars, stirring, suspended, tender, tension, tragic, tranquil, wondrous
Instrumental: Yes
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