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Monkey Puzzle House Music Publishing Ltd. is a family run music publisher based near Cambridge UK. With an exciting roster of writers including experienced, successful sync composers through to emerging talent, we provide a library of 100% pre-cleared, easily editable, dynamic and focused pieces of the highest levels of composition, performance and sound quality.

"Every professional or amateur talent invests their heart and soul, along with hard earned money, into every recording they make. However, not every recording gets its opportunity to be heard and a lot of great great music gets lost or hidden away forever. Production music is fabulous opportunity for that music to be heard and given due consideration. Not every piece of work is appropriate for sync, but if the high quality music that is editable is made available, the judge of that is one of the skills of the sound editor… and who knows?"  



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Tel: +44 (0) 1359 245050 

Mob: +44 (0) 771 040 7790

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Email: publishing@monkeypuzzlehouse.com   CAE Number: 825095337



Who's in the office…


Sally was born in Australia and brought up in Perth where, between swimming for WA, she performed and toured internationally with the West Australian Youth Orchestra playing violin and viola. She went on to study music at university.

She subsequently moved to Bali, where she based her World Music Fusion band ‘Saharadja’. After ten years of inter-continental touring, television appearances and three albums, Sally moved to the UK where she quickly established herself as a notable electric violinist. She continued to tour Europe playing her six string violin with several notable acts until planting her roots and settling in Suffolk UK to focus on helping others bring their music to the world.

She brings with her a comprehensive musical knowledge along with the experience of over 20 years of touring and being a professional musician. Sal co-founded Monkey Puzzle House Music Publishing in 2016.


Rupe has been a studio engineer for over 20 years. Within that time, he has been fortunate to work with some great people, great music and be part of the creation of some very successful recordings. In 2006, he founded ‘Monkey Puzzle House Residential Recording Studio’.

In 2016, Rupert co-founded ‘Monkey Puzzle House Music Publishing’ to represent the publishing interests of some of the studio's clients. Building a production music library would also allow the writers and composers to share their creativity and make it available for sync.